The High Desert Detailing Standard

Keeping in mind that our principle goal at High Desert Detailing is to restore and preserve the finish of your car, we thought you should know there is more to detailing than a sponge and a bucket. There is a need for some understanding of the basic chemistry behind the materials and finishes used for automobiles to properly care for them. No two cars, or their owners for that matter, are alike. And both require that their special needs be met..

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Swirls and Scratches in Your Cars Paint

We are often asked what is the difference between our Detailing Service and our Paint Correction options.

Paint Correction involves the removal of undesirable blemishes such as scratches, swirls, bird droppings, oxidation, etc. that have damaged the clearcoat or painted layer. Paint defects result in degrading a car's appearance and left unattended, continue to worsen over time.


Paint Correction - Rejuvenation

Opti-Coat Paint Protection

The leading product that has had the greatest impact on Paint Protection, has come from Optimum Polymer Technologies. Opti-Coat Pro offers the best and undisputed 7 year protection for your cars paint and most other surfaces. Opti-Coat is not a protection plan like those sold by car dealers. Opti-Coat bonds permanently with the factory coating, protecting the surface indefinitely to effectively absorb damage that would otherwise harm those surfaces.

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When was the last time you tuned-up your car's paint?

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Why High Desert Detailing

Why High Desert Detailing


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Paint Restoration/Correction


Paint Correction/Rejuvenation involves the removal of undesirable blemishes such as scratches, swirls, marring and oxidisation, etc. that have damaged the clearcoat or painted layer. Defects such as swirls, scratches and bird etchings, result in degrading...

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Allergen and Odor Elimination

Allergen and Odor Elimination


For those vehicles where odor elimination is not a concern but owners desire a thorough and meticulous Interior Detail, please read this Article, INTERIOR DETAIL.   Germs, bacteria, infectious disease, mold spores, mildew, viruses and pet odor al...

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Our Work

Our Work


At High Desert Detailing, Paint Correction is our Passion. To see more of our work, visit us on FaceBook We've said it elsewhere on this site that at High Desert Detailing we have more than one product to choose from for the various surfaces of your car...

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